Used for both structural and visual purposes, Natural Stone Stone quoins are a great way to frame a building, adding another layer of detail that contrasts the brickwork. Rachana Stones is a trusted manufacturer supplier and Exporter of high quality Natural Stone quoins made of Indian Stones such as Granite and Sandstone.

Take a look at some of the handpicked varieties of high quality Stone Quoins from our huge collection.

Natural Stone Quoins

Granite Quoins manufacturer supplier exporter India Rachana Stones


Stone Champhered Quoins supplier exporter Rachana Stones India


Stone Grey Quoins supplier exporter India Rachana Stones


Natural Stone Quoins Varieties & Colours

Colours Black | Blue | Brown | Gold | Green | Grey | Pink | Red | White | Yellow
Finishes Natural | Honed | Polished | Antique | Sand Blasted | Tumbled | Flamed
Edge Profiles  Chamfered | Pencil Round | Bullnosed | Beveled | Eased
SandStone Quoins Agra Red | Modak | Lalitpur Grey | Chocolate | Autumn Brown | Kandla Grey | Gardha Yellow | Sagar Black | Raj Green | Rainbow | Mint Fossil | Mint Yellow | Lalitpur Yellow | Dholpur Beige | Mandana Red | Teak | Jodhpur Pink | Jodhpur Red
Granite Quoins Black Galaxy | Absolute Black | Raj Black | Flash Blue | Chima Blue | Alaska Blue | Kolonial Blue | Himalayan Blue | Colonial Gold | Shiva Gold | Hassan Green | French Green | Crystal Yellow | Royal cream | Colonial Cream | Golden Jhuprana | Ghiblee | Desert Brown | Tan Brown | Indian Jhuprana | Tiger Skin | Ivory Brown | Copper Silk | Bala Flower | Paradiso Bash | Paradiso Classic | Coffee Brown | Chima Pink | Imperial Red | Gem red | Rosewood | Meera White | Viscount White | Jhirawal White
Marble Quoins Mercury Black | Aurora Black | Zebra Black | River Black | Fantasy Brown | Bruno Brown | Torrento | Rainforest Brown | Polar White | Indian Statuario | Madagascar White | Morwad White | Pink Onyx | Canyon Dawn
Quartzite Quoins Himachal Black | Himachal Green | Himachal White | Smoke Grey | Royal Black | Star Black

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We take pleasure in supplying all kind of stones in custom size and finishing. So if you are looking for something exclusive and different, let us know. We can get you just about anything.

Read More About Stone Quoins

Quite simply, a quoin is an old French word meaning “corner” or “angle.” Quoins are most common in Western architecture, particularly Georgian styles.

The word quoin is pronounced the same as the word coin (koin or koyn), which has come to be known as the accentuation of a building’s corner with short side stone blocks or header bricks.

“The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture” describes quoins as “dressed stones…usually laid so that their faces are alternately large and small.”

The Stone Quoins we export comes in a stick on style as well as a block style. Rachana Stones manufactures on order stone quoins, in your specifications.  We supply Sandstone and Granite quoins across the world in a timely manner. The natural stone quoins come with a chamfer on all edges.

Please contact our professional sales team for further details and quotation.

Use of Quoins :

In European architecture, Stone quoins are used at both the external angle or corner of a building.

  • Quoins can be used alongside rendered finish , brick or natural stone facing.
  • They give a solid appearance to any building, and can be used for structural or decorative features of a house
  • In Western architecture, quoins are used as cornerstones are used for structural strength to the building as they usually differ in jointing, colour, texture, or size from the masonry of the adjoining walls.
  • These Cornerstone Quoins are useful for decoration purpose due to their distinct appearance.
  • Most often quoins are toothed, set in a regular pattern of alternating lengths to give an unique look to the building.