Natural Stone Palisades are used for making Garden Fences in landscaping. The use of natural elements in garden landscaping is highly sought after by plush designers. Rachana Stones is capable of supplying Palisade stones in custom sizes and finishes in timely manner across the world.

Take a look at some of the handpicked Palisade stone varieties from our huge collection.

Natural Stone Palisade Exporter

Mint Fossil stone palisade supplier rachana stones india


Raj Green Stone Palisade rachana stones india exporter


Modak Stone Palisade manufacturer supplier rachana Stones india


palisade autumn brown Rachana Stones India Exporter Supplier India


Gardha Stone Palisade Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Rachana Stones


Mint Palisade Manufacturer Rachana Stones India Exporter Supplier


Palisade Varieties and Colours

Colours Black | Blue | Brown | Gold | Green | Grey | Pink | Red | White | Yellow
Finishes Natural | Honed | Polished | Antique | Sand Blasted | Tumbled | Flamed
Edge Profiles  Chamfered | Pencil Round | Bullnosed | Beveled | Eased
SandStone Palisades Agra Red | Modak | Lalitpur Grey | Chocolate | Autumn Brown | Kandla Grey | Gardha Yellow | Sagar Black | Raj Green | Rainbow | Mint Fossil | Mint Yellow | Lalitpur Yellow | Dholpur Beige | Mandana Red | Teak | Jodhpur Pink | Jodhpur Red
Granite Palisades Black Galaxy | Absolute Black | Raj Black | Flash Blue | Chima Blue | Alaska Blue | Kolonial Blue | Himalayan Blue | Colonial Gold | Shiva Gold | Hassan Green | French Green | Crystal Yellow | Royal cream | Colonial Cream | Golden Jhuprana | Ghiblee | Desert Brown | Tan Brown | Indian Jhuprana | Tiger Skin | Ivory Brown | Copper Silk | Bala Flower | Paradiso Bash | Paradiso Classic | Coffee Brown | Chima Pink | Imperial Red | Gem red | Rosewood | Meera White | Viscount White | Jhirawal White

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We take pleasure in supplying all kind of stones in custom size and finishing. So if you are looking for something exclusive and different, let us know. We can get you just about anything.

Stone Palisade Supplier from India

We manufacture and supply stone Palisades also known as Fence for Flower Bed, Patch Edging, Garden Fencing, Boarder , Stone Lawn Edging.

Palisades are solid elements, historically made of Natural Stones. A palisade is also known as a stakewall or a paling. Though its use is prominent in European landscape designing, it is used in other parts of the world typically as a fence or wall made from a number of materials, stone being primary one of them. The use of Natural Stone Palisade is mainly for aesthetic and durability in plush landscaping projects. These stone palisades can be made out of a variety of stones, but Granite Palisade and Sandstone Palisade remain the favourite of Landscape architects worldwide.

Natural Stone Palisade Fences made from exotic Indian Stones is available in a variety of finishes such as natural split, polished, bush-hammered, etc.

Application of Natural Stone Palisade

Palisades Stones are elements of small garden architecture, which subtly help arrange the landscape surroundings. Very decorative, they greatly display a diversified landform. Also, they can be used for strengthening of scarps and building multi–level terraces. Perfect for lawn edges, driveways, car parks and flower beds.

  • Ideal for Fencing
  • for long lasting walling.
  • For creating layered look in garden by using different height Palisades.
  • They are used for overcoming differences in height in gardens and for constructing straight and narrow garden walls.
  • The palisades improve the visual effect of the surface, while also protecting the edges from damage.

Palisades / Garden Edging Manufacturer, Exporter from India

Using stone garden edging, a landscape designer can create a wide range of shapes and structures to achieve an eye-candy garden. Whether you want to make a round shape, or straight lines in order to trace the line of movement, you can choose the palisades which can be tailored specifically to your needs.
We offer Stone Palisades in different shapes such as circles, or with corners or zig-zag shapes – do not worry, it can be done!
What’s more, these stone garden edges can be combined with the matching stone garden step, as well as with pavers. Together they create a cohesive visual treat in different type of garden designs. Contact us right away for our detailed offerings in stone garden edging.