Pool coping or Pool Surrounds are best made in natural stones. We at Rachana Stones manufacture and supply best quality pool coping stones from India. From Flat-mount, Cantilever, Top mount, Rough cut to Bullnose coping, we are Best Exporter of Pool Copings in India.

Take a look at our Sandstone, Slate and Granite pool copings of high quality from our huge collection.

Natural Stone Pool Coping and Pool Surrounds Supplier & Exporter

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pool coping stone supplier Rachana Stones India


stone pool coping manufacturer Rachana Stones India


Natural Stone Pool Coping Varieties & Colours

Colours Black | Blue | Brown | Gold | Green | Grey | Pink | Red | White | Yellow
Finishes Natural | Honed | Polished | Antique | Sand Blasted | Tumbled | Flamed
Edge Profiles  Chamfered | Pencil Round | Bullnosed | Beveled | Eased
SandStone Pool Coping Agra Red | Modak | Lalitpur Grey | Chocolate | Autumn Brown | Kandla Grey | Gardha Yellow | Sagar Black | Raj Green | Rainbow | Mint Fossil | Mint Yellow | Lalitpur Yellow | Dholpur Beige | Mandana Red | Teak | Jodhpur Pink | Jodhpur Red
Granite Pool Coping Black Galaxy | Absolute Black | Raj Black | Flash Blue | Chima Blue | Alaska Blue | Kolonial Blue | Himalayan Blue | Colonial Gold | Shiva Gold | Hassan Green | French Green | Crystal Yellow | Royal cream | Colonial Cream | Golden Jhuprana | Ghiblee | Desert Brown | Tan Brown | Indian Jhuprana | Tiger Skin | Ivory Brown | Copper Silk | Bala Flower | Paradiso Bash | Paradiso Classic | Coffee Brown | Chima Pink | Imperial Red | Gem red | Rosewood | Meera White | Viscount White | Jhirawal White
Slate & Quartzite Pool Surrounds Kund Multi | Jak Black | Madras Multi | Himachal Black | Himachal White | Himachal Green

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We take pleasure in supplying all kind of stones in custom size and finishing. So if you are looking for something exclusive and different, let us know. We can get you just about anything.

Pool Coping Stone | Best Supplier of India

What is a Pool Coping? Simply put, Pool coping is a cap for the edge of the pool. While having a coping for swimming pool is necessary, the use of natural stone in pool coping is driven by aesthetics along with functionality. Using stone pool coping provides an opportunity for a decorative accent, which can greatly enhance the appearance of the pool.

Rachana Stones is considered as best supplier of Pool Copings in India. We understand the need for utmost quality for the edge of the pool. We design the coping to be installed to cover the pool wall. We study the coping design and manufacture pool coping stone that can direct water away from your pool and into the deck drain.

Use of Pool Coping Stone | Best Manufacturer, Exporter of India

  • Natural Stone Pool Coping withstands the wear and tear in the moisture-rich pool environment easily.
  • Coping blocks water from penetrating the area behind the pool shell and potentially causing damage.

  • Pool coping is used for giving swimmers a safe and sturdy way to enter and exit poolside while reducing the risk of slipping.

  • Pool Coping is essentially an indispensible part of Pool Landscaping.
  • Stone Pool Coping makes it weather-hardy and able to stand up to chemical-rich pool water.

Natural Stone Pool Copings | Best Supplier of India

Pool coping is used as a cap for the edge of the pool. Using Natural Stone for pool coping serves dual functions: It gives a personal aesthetic character to the pool. The stone material is also Slip Resistant and comes in various finishes such as Honed, Brushed, Shot Blasted, Half honed, Flamed. The edge profiles we provide for stone pool copings is mainly bull nose. Other edge profiles supplied by Rachana Stones are – Eased, Pencil round, Chamfered, Beveled, Sawn, etc.

Rachana Stones India is best Exporter of Stone Pool Copings in India. We understand your requirements. You can trust us like many others for providing you with best quality stone pool copings. We have experience of supplying stone pool surrounds to these countries – USA, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Whole Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Romania, South Korea, Japan.

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