Rachana Stones have been supplying natural stones to architects, contractors, builders and wholesalers for almost 20 years now.

Rachana Stones is the best supplier of Indian Natural Stones because we truly understand your requirement. The stones you buy from Rachana Stones behold the architectural thought of the project. We work hard at procuring and finishing various Indian natural stones. Our firm pursues highest quality Granite, Marble, Sandstone & Limestone to fulfil the demands of our customers. The stones and stone products that Rachana Stones exports are the fundamental elements of architectural beauty, whether interior or exterior. We strive to achieve a relationship that results in establishment of finesse and panache in your space.

Swiss Architect and City Planner Le Corbusier once said – Architecture constitutes a pure creation of the spirit which established emotional relationships by means of raw material. And very often the raw material constituting a structure/ building is some sort of stone. We at Rachana Stones understand the value of natural stones in expressing regal, elegant style of architecture. We take great pride in being a Supplier of Granite, Sandstones, Marble, Slate, Quartzite to some of the World’s most ambitious projects.

The use of Natural Stones from India has the potential of making the construction plan endure through the ages. Rachana Stones is a leading supplier and exporter of wall claddings, mosaic panels, slabs cut to size, and tiles for flooring of Indian stone. Over the course of last two decades we have made a name for being the best exporter of stones in India. We do not just use hefty words to allude to beauty of stones, we put effort into extracting out the best stones to suit our customer’s needs.

We are Best quality exporter of Granite, Marble slabs and tiles which are used for construction works across the globe. If you haven’t worked with us, you are missing the zeal for ingenuity of architectural work. Contact us today with your Stone Requirement. Look through the extensive range of Indian stones we offer and connect with us to know more. We are just an email away.