Rachana Stones is pleased to bring to you our Natural and Tumbled pebbles. Natural Stone Pebbles are used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden.

Take a look at some of the handpicked varieties of high quality Natural Stone Pebbles from our huge collection.

Indian Natural Pebbles Exporter and Manufacturer

Crystal white cobbles manufactures exporter Rachana Stones India


Mix Pebbles Manufacturer Exporter Rachana Stones India


Indian RED Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


Indian Ivory Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


CHARCOAL Grey Indian Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


Teakwood Pebble Manufacturer Exporter Rachana Stones India


Silver Indian Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


Rainforest Green Indian Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


Rainforest Brown Indian Pebble Exporter Rachana Stones


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Finishes Honed | Polished | Antique | Tumbled | Flamed
SandStone Pebbles Agra Red | Modak | Lalitpur Grey | Chocolate | Autumn Brown | Kandla Grey | Gardha Yellow | Sagar Black | Raj Green | Rainbow | Mint Fossil | Mint Yellow | Lalitpur Yellow | Dholpur Beige | Mandana Red | Teak | Jodhpur Pink | Jodhpur Red
Granite Pebbles Black Galaxy | Absolute Black | Raj Black | Flash Blue | Chima Blue | Alaska Blue | Kolonial Blue | Himalayan Blue | Colonial Gold | Shiva Gold | Hassan Green | French Green | Crystal Yellow | Royal cream | Colonial Cream | Golden Jhuprana | Ghiblee | Desert Brown | Tan Brown | Indian Jhuprana | Tiger Skin | Ivory Brown | Copper Silk | Bala Flower | Paradiso Bash | Paradiso Classic | Coffee Brown | Chima Pink | Imperial Red | Gem red | Rosewood | Meera White | Viscount White | Jhirawal White
Marble Pebbles Mercury Black | Aurora Black | Zebra Black | River Black | Fantasy Brown | Bruno Brown | Torrento | Rainforest Brown | Polar White | Indian Statuario | Madagascar White | Morwad White | Pink Onyx | Canyon Dawn

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We take pleasure in supplying all kind of stones in custom size and finishing. So if you are looking for something exclusive and different, let us know. We can get you just about anything.

About Natural Stone Pebbles | Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Rachana Stones

Natural stone pebbles make for the best landscaping material to use for backyard, swimming pools, garden etc. Stone Pebbles have the ability to blend into its environment thereby fitting any design or style concept. Because of this they are used by Landscape architects. Indian Stone Pebbles are proving to be very useful for pool side, garden decor, and there are lots of natural stones to choose from.
Natural Stone Pebbles provide for that sophisticated companion for the green surroundings. Though pebbles have a number of benefits but their aesthetic beauty trumps them all. Pebbles are exquisitely pleasing to look at. It is generally accepted that Natural Stone Pebbles offer the best of what nature has. When you purchase stone pebbles from Rachana Stones you will also have something that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime and beyond.
Rachana Stones presents a curated range of products to choose from a wide variety of natural pebbles for your home, garden, office project. We manufacture natural stone Pebbles by way of tumbling small pieces of stones / gravel that serve for providing both landscaping and decorative accent to your garden or outdoor patio area. They are extremely versatile and can be used to enhance hard or soft surfaces. Indian Pebbles are useful in decor of garden as it also solves drainage issues.

These are used at a large scale for various interior-designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost also. We supply Pebble stones in Dry and Wet tumbled finishes. You can get custom size pebbles at Rachana Stones as per your requirement.

Use of Natural Stone Pebbles | Best Stone Pebble Manufacturer Exporter

Pebbles are small stones used in various purposes of landscaping as well as interior decoration.

  • Paths and drives can become virtually maintenance free when they are covered with small natural pebbles. Size of the pebble may vary depending upon usage.

  • Shrub Surrounds: Pebbles are a natural, environmentally-friendly product, that look aesthetic in garden surrounding key plants.

  • Visual Appeal: Pebbles have Instant appeal; providing a modern, stylish garden appearance with least effort in any type of garden.

  • Maintaining surface moisture: In dry areas, Pebbles are used in garden to retain moisture. They can be used for a myriad of applications only limited by your imagination

  • Plant Pot Decor: Placing some pebbles around the top of a potted plant can make your table top garden even more attractive.

Why Natural Stone Pebbles from Rachana Stones| Best Indian Pebbles Exporter

Pebbles have gained a prominent place in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the luxury outdoor area lately. Rachana Stones India is offering a wide number of the varieties in the pebbles in different finishes. Whether you want to adorn a house, garden area, or aquarium, our Natural Stone Pebbles of India are proving to be an excellent. This material is ideal for all décor purposes. The varieties supplied by us include commercial grade pebbles, Grey colored pebbles, White colour pebbles, Marble pebbles, Granite pebbles, River pebbles, etc.

These Indian Stone pebbles supplied by Rachana Stones serve different decorative purposes. Like for an instance the different coloured pebbles are used in diverse kinds of interior decoration and in enhancing the attractiveness of the garden patio pots, etc. Commercially the Rachana Stones Pebbles are used in enhancing the attractiveness of focus gardens, outdoor Barbeque setting, Backyard sittings, aquarium pots and decorating garden, lawns, etc.